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Is a lithium grease with anti-wear, extreme pressure and anti-rust. They also have good insolubility in water, excellent adhesion and good stability at work. greases soft or fluid consistency according to the NLGI grades 1 - 000, have been developed to provide an optimal solution between the ease of distribution of oil and superiority of grease to lubricate the minimum cost.

operating temperature range of -40°C to +120°C


Performance level

  • DIN 51825: KP1, P-30
  • DIN 51825: KP2, P-30
  • DIN 51825: KP3, P-30


Is primarily intended for such bodies: bearings, bearings, joints variety, to limit losses in the distribution pipes. The most fluid grades are designed for centralized systems to moderate or low pressures, or
work at low temperatures, or to garnish gearboxes following positions manufacturers. The most fluid grade , is normally preferred to replace oil in some insufficiently sealed crankcase, to improve the seal


  Unit Average Value
Color dark brown
NLGI classification 000
Thickener Lithium Soap
Worked penetration 445-475
Four Ball Weld Test kgs >280
Copper corrosion 1b
Water stability <60
Oil separation % max 5
Four Ball Wear Test >280
Water washout wt% loss 10 max
Rust prevention Pass
Roll stability, mm-1 -25 to + 60
Dropping Point °C >180

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