Our story

Pen1One exists since 1986 and originated in a Belgian small garagebox under the company name JS Oil. The main company activity in the past was sales of additives and existing oil brands such as Sunoco and Pennzoil. These U.S. brands became more and more popular in the Belgian market during 1990s. However 2003, these American brands disappeared from the local market and it was the perfect timing to expand the existing own brand Pen1One with a wide product range. This Pen1One line assured local customers to have qualitative products available, without losing market share. The creation of the new brand image gave a boost to international interest and Pen1One was firstly sold in various countries abroad.

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Pen1One is filled with the biggest care in flashy yellow cans and barrels. The logo reflects the Belgian origin. The colors red, black and yellow are part of the national Belgian flag.


Pen1One knows its origin of the brand name in the combination of the substraction of the city name Pennsylvania and being the first, or number one. Why is Pennsylvania important for the brand? Pennsylvania is well-known for having the first pipeline installed in 1865 with a length of 10 km and diameter of 5 cm. This number one attitude, or being the first in terms of service, packaging design and product development is key for Pen1One’s brand image.

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