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An undiluted mono-ethylene glycol-based engine coolant concentrate formulated for use in engines. Contains no nitrites, amines, phosphates (NAP) and 2-EHA (2-ethylhexanoate). Good compatibility with hard water and prevents scale formation. It provides total and permanent protection of the cooling system. Lifetime of 3 or 60,000 km to 85,000 km in passenger cars and professional applications.


Performance level

  • AFNOR: NF R 15-601
  • ASTM: D3306-20 type I
  • ASTM: D4985
  • BS: 6580:1992
  • MAN: 324 NF
  • MB: 325.0
  • MTU: MTL 5048
  • SAE: J1034
  • VW: TL 774-C


    Formulated for use in all engines, including those made of aluminium alloys. Best choice for older cooling systems with a copper/brass radiator or an alu heater block, especially for the lead solder used in them. Provided diluted, suitable for open or closed cooling circuits (vehicles and heating). It is recommended to dilute the product with demineralised water. Protection temperature: -14 °C requires 30% AF // -22 °C requires 40% AF // -38 °C requires 50% AF.


      Unit Average Value
    Density at 20°C g/ml 1.109
    Color BLUE/GREEN

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