Alucool G13 is an engine coolant, based on monoethylene glycol and glycerine. Ready-to-use, already mixed with demineralized water (50%).
This product uses the latest anti-freeze technology that combines the benefits of both organic technology and traditional mineral (silicate) technology.
Carefully selected additives provide the following properties :

  • Offers efficient protection down to -36 °C
  • An extended service life thanks to the corrosion inhibitors
  • Contains glycerine, an environmentally friendly ingredient (from renewable raw material)
  • Good thermal properties that allow effective engine collint without boiling
  • Removal of solid abrasives for better protecton of the water pump pipes
  • Superior short and long term corrosion protection thanks to the combined use of organic acid and highly stabilized silicate additives, especially for aluminium engines
  • Environmentally friendly and free from borates, phosphates, nitrites and amines
  • Excellent anti-foaming properties



Niveau de performance

  • VW TL 774 J
  • VAG


Alucool G13 is suitable for use in both gasoline and diesel engines and has been introduced to meet the requirements of OEMs who prefer this combination of organic and silicate technology.

Can be used without problems in engines made of cast iron, aluminium or a combination of these two metals as well as in cooling systems made of an aluminium or copper alloy. Especially recommended for 'high-tech' engines where the protection of the aluminum against high temperatures is important.

Les caractéristiques

  Unit Average Value
Densité à 15 °C kg/l 1.136
Densité à 20 °C kg/l 1.133
Point d’ébullition (reflux) °C 170
Teneur en eau % 3.0
Alcalinité (pH 5,5) ASTM D1121 5.5
Indice de rupture à 20 °C °C 1.438

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